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Polar Facts: Churchill, Canada #1

We’ve launched the multiple polar bear live cams and are celebrating an early start to winter – and polar bear season! Did You Know? The population of Churchill is just around 1,000! Churchill was a small military outpost through the 1960s, and today hosts a thriving tourist industries, mostly around its polar bears and conservation. Polar bears will migrate

A Happy Ending For Kali

A happy ending for Kali, orphaned polar bear cub. By polarbearsinternational

Polar Bear’s Snow Addiction Is ‘Out of Control’

thefluffingtonpost: In what is an all too familiar tale, celebrity polar bear cub Siku has fallen victim to the scourge of addiction. His substance of choice? Snow. “The pressures of being a celebrity are just too much to, uh, bear for many young polar bear cubs. Sadly, they often turn to substance abuse,” explained certified

Preparing To Hunt Alone

Polar bear cubs remain with their mothers until they’re about 2-1/2 years old—although some bears in the Hudson Bay area wean their young at age 1-1/2. During this time with mom, they learn how to hunt and survive in one of the earth’s harshest environments. Between the time they leave their mother and they are mature enough to