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A Happy Ending For Kali

A happy ending for Kali, orphaned polar bear cub. By polarbearsinternational

Kali Is An Orphaned Polar Bear

So glad little Kali was rescued and is being so well-cared for by the Alaska Zoo! by Polar Bears International

Kali And Luna

 An Update from Polar Bears International Remember the cub named Kali that was orphaned in Alaska last month? Kali will be moving to the Buffalo Zoo later this spring, where he’ll join little Luna. And their home there is about to get better! For more than a century polar bears have been among the most popular animals at the Buffalo

Polar Bear Cub To Get A Friend At Buffalo Zoo

/ Post by Erica Wills of Polar Bears International *Photo Courtesy of Good Morning America / Eric Lee / Buffalo Zoo. Luna with Buffalo Zoo President / CEO Donna Fernandes. Little Luna, a polar bear cub at the Buffalo Zoo that has been hand-raised by zookeepers for the past four months, will soon be getting a

Orphaned Cubs Play A Vital Role In Conservation

/ Post by Katie Billing of Polar Bears International Polar bear cubs that live in zoos serve as “Animal Ambassadors” for their distant wild relatives. Their cute antics bring them fame and provide conservation interpretation by zoo employees. Not to mention that baby animals often bring zoos the most revenue that in turn is put back