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Polar Playful

“Polar bears like to be clean and dry because matted, dirty, and wet fur is a poor insulator… In winter, polar bears clean themselves with snow instead of water. Bears rub their heads in the snow, push forward on their tummies, and roll on their backs.” (Polar Bears International) The tundra buggy cam is being tested and

Dog Days, Dogs Play

More Panda Toys

Post by Pandas International As we mentioned in a previous post, enrichment helps animals demonstrate their natural behavior, adds variety to their day, allows them exercise, gives them choices in their environment, and enhances their well-being. Enrichment also gives scientists the chance to study and observe the animals’ behavior. What the scientists learn can benefit

Don’t Party Too Hard This Weekend

It might make you dog tired. 

Birthday Playtime

It’s his birthday and he can play in fake snow if he wants to.