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10th Annual Hug My Baby Event A Success!

Thank you to our friends at CCRCGP for the fabulous photos and summary of the 10th Annual Hug my Baby event. “Hug my Baby” is an annual event sponsored by The China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) and the Wolong Panda Club to thank adopters for their support of the Giant

Khaki Kisses

Khaki kisses for Daddy Walter

Live Update

Live update from our new puppy cam! Pup number three is a beautiful golden boy. Don’t miss the birth of the rest of ECAD’s new litter of future service dogs.

Don’t Party Too Hard This Weekend

It might make you dog tired. 

Dogma Thursday

Honoring our vets on four legs too! You might have seen this announcement circling Facebook recently: “Legislation to protect military working dogs (MWDs) cleared Congress” in December. And according to the ASPCA, “the measure will streamline the adoption process for retired military dogs, as well as authorize a system of veterinary care for the retired

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