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Wild News

From the bigcatkingdom: Bornean Clouded Leopard or Neofelis Diardi (by AIRphotoHD) The Sunda or Bornean Clouded Leopard was only identified to science in 2006, when genetic research indicated they were a separate species from the mainland Clouded Leopard Neofelis nebulosa. They have been separated from the mainland population for 2.8 million years. “The Sunda clouded leopard is

Cat people vs. dog people: Who’s more outgoing? More intelligent?

Studying the reasons people identify as cat or dog lovers may lead to better matches between owners and pets who participate in pet therapy. Find out which one you are at – mothernaturenetwork. Whichever you are, we think you’ll feel right at home at the Kitten Rescue and Dog Bless You Live Cams! TGIF!

5 Incredible Places Where the Ocean Glows

mothernaturenetwork: Tourists travel the world to see these sites where phosphorescent waves light up the night. Explore more moon, night and glowing shots here.  

Fool Me Once… He’ll Try Again!

From National Geographic, we learned of the fascinating Drongo bird. These birds have learned to imitate alarm calls to scare off animals with prey – – and then swoop in to steal it for themselves! And their techniques are evolving… Except when it’s lying. Because sometimes drongos, which are about the size of a scrub

Penguin Chicks Hatched at Ohio Zoo

From our partners at Zooborns.com: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio has welcomed three Humboldt Penguins to the zoo’s Shores region. The chicks hatched in March and are three of over 20 Humboldt Penguins to hatch at the zoo since 1996. Although animal care staff can tell the chicks apart by personality, they will place a colored wing band on the

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