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Viewers Share their Supermoon Shots

Explore viewers across the country and around the globe captured breathtaking snapshots of the recent Supermoon eclipse.

blood moon photo

Did You See the Blood Moon from Dumpling Mountain?

Everyone is talking about the Blood Moon from Tuesday night. One of our Bear Cam viewers caught a lovely shot from Dumpling Mountain on the Live Bear Cam. 

5 Incredible Places Where the Ocean Glows

mothernaturenetwork: Tourists travel the world to see these sites where phosphorescent waves light up the night. Explore more moon, night and glowing shots here.  

Full Moon Fever

Most animals have a circadian clock that helps them distinguish night and day, but now researchers have found coastal animals seem to be equipped with a separate clock to track time via the tides. (Discovery) With 16 Live Cams devoted to ocean-dwellers, dive in and learn more at explore.org. 

Magic of Autumn

  Catch some of the magic of the fall season on the live cams: See the brown bears in Katmai National Park preparing for winter hibernation and visit the Leaf Drop Cam from Massachusetts. Fast Facts: A “Harvest Moon” is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. Also called a Full Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon,

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