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New Penguin Chick Live Cam

Spring has sprung and our Magellanic Penguins know it! So they’ve headed into private mating quarters. Come meet Floyd and Roxy on our new Penguin Nest Cam. The pair is bonded and as you can see, they like a good cuddle between springtime fun! The Aquarium of the Pacific’s colony of about a dozen Magellanic Penguins

Penguin Chicks Hatched at Ohio Zoo

From our partners at Zooborns.com: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio has welcomed three Humboldt Penguins to the zoo’s Shores region. The chicks hatched in March and are three of over 20 Humboldt Penguins to hatch at the zoo since 1996. Although animal care staff can tell the chicks apart by personality, they will place a colored wing band on the

Field Trip!

The penguin chicks at Aquarium of the Pacific are headed to Penguin Beach! Starting next Tuesday you’ll be able to watch them, along with their parents, on our Penguin Beach Live Cam.

Off To The Beach!

The Penguin chicks are off to the beach! See them on the live cam here. Some information from Aquarium of the Pacific about the reason the chicks are separated from the rest of their family: “One of the eggs was abandoned by the parents, a common occurrence in the wild. By the time the Aquarium’s second chick hatched,

Huddle Up!

See the Penguins and check up on the Penguin chicks live at the Aquarium of the Pacific!

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