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Snapshot by ladyg

Snapshot by ladyg

This Week on Explore (6/16)

DN4 has fledged! After an accidental (and suspenseful) fledge, we have received confirmation that DN4 is successfully flying and exploring the area! He has also returned to the nest, a nice surprise for explore!

Decorah_DN4 returns_maya2151

Snapshot by Maya2151

ECAD has a new litter! Please welcome Midori’s litter! Check out her puptatoes here!


Snapshot by Akino

Two of Charlo Montana Osprey’s eggs have hatched! We anticipate the third egg hatching any day now!

Charlo_Osprey_CamOp Spish

Snapshot by CamOp Spish

We have two eggs on the Guillemot Burrow Cam!

Guillemot Reveals Two Eggs

And finally, we have to end “This Week on Explore” on a rather sad note. We have confirmed that one owlet from the Great Gray Owl brood has sadly passed away. We are gathering all the information we can and will hopefully have a complete idea of what happened soon. Until then, please remember there are still three sweet owlets who are happy and thriving!

Great Gray Owl (1)


  • Pansy2

    Thanks Explore for all of the info. I like being able to keep up to date when I get too busy to visit each site.
    So sorry to hear the GGO’s lost a member of the hoot, after such perfect care and nurturing. Mother Nature continues to teach us lessons in spirit as well as body.

  • angwa22

    Thank you for the update, Explorer.. I feel like we often get to know some of these animals day in-night out from your cams.. so your sharing related news with us, no matter how sad, is appreciated. Thanks for what you do…