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Snowy Owl Live Chat TODAY (7/18) @Noon PT/3pm ET

Join us in two hours for our next expert Live Cam Chat today, July 18th, with Denver Holt from the Owl Research Institute on the Snowy Owl Live Cam at 3 pm ET/Noon PT. Submit your questions in the comments section on the Live Cam here, or on Twitter by using the @snowyowlcam tag.

For more than 25 years, the Owl Research Institute (ORI) has been dedicated to scientific research of owls — their ecology, natural history, and habitat relationships. Because owls are chronically under-researched and poorly understood, ORI strive to provide high-quality, long-term studies of owls, and use findings to promote conservation. ORI’s research station, the Ninepipes Center, is situated in the Mission Valley of western Montana. Surrounded by wildlife refuges, grasslands, and wetlands, the area is home to Grizzly Bears, American Bison, and record-setting numbers of raptors.

And don’t forget to join us today at 4PM ET for more live @snowyowlcam Q&As with the Cornell Lab Bird Cams staff. Let us know what you’re wondering! (If you don’t see the chat window on the right side, please refresh your browser window.)