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WFLA Features Bear Cam!

Another shout out to bear cam! We always knew how popular the bear cam was, but we LOVE seeing how widely spread it has become! Read here about the latest feature from WFLA about our wonderful bear cam! Make sure to tune in every single day for more exciting bear cam moments and to take

This Week On Explore! (6/9)

All three of Rachel and Steve’s eggs have hatched! Chick # 1, June 4th  at 1:45 am EDT Chick # 2  June 4th at 2:48 pm EDT Chick #3  June 7 at 12:30am EDT All Hawaii cameras have been updated and, as you can see, are stunning! Thanks, explore technical team! Honeybee hive cam is

Brown Bear Sightings!

Great news! We just got some amazing news from Katmai National Park & Preserve: Bear #128 “Grazer” and all three of her yearling cubs stopped by for a visit to Brooks River this week. The family group will likely be on the move, looking for food, until the sockeye salmon return on their journey to

Project Puffin: News from Eastern Egg Rock

A volunteer helps out with guillemot productivity: weighing and measuring chicks to get a sense of how the population is doing. Photo courtesy of: Kate MacNamee

Project Puffin: News from Pond Island

Two pairs of common eiders as seen through a researchers scope. Eiders are commonly known as “sea-ducks” and are found in the northern hemisphere from the New England coast to Alaska and even northern Russia.

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