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Brown Bear Sightings!

Great news! We just got some amazing news from Katmai National Park & Preserve:

Bear #128 “Grazer” and all three of her yearling cubs stopped by for a visit to Brooks River this week. The family group will likely be on the move, looking for food, until the sockeye salmon return on their journey to spawn.

Brown bear cubs have a survival rate of less than 50%. #128 has overcome the odds to raise her family into their second summer, but more challenges await.

Check in with explore.org in the coming weeks for this summer’s live #bearcam action. We are working to get the cams live by the end of the month.

You can watch Grazer and her three babies here when the camera goes live again!

  • Kathy Caywood

    Grazer is a great mom!! I can hardly wait to see everybody back at the falls!!

  • amazed

    Great news, I could cry. This is wonderful.

  • Lovethebears

    Love them, so thankful they are ALL back! :)

  • LA

    Can’t wait to see them all!!!

  • MollyGee-TX


  • Ivymoss

    Hooray! Grazer & the Grazette’s have returned! So excited to see them on the cams soon! =)

  • Jan Wood Hakomaki


  • BearNecessities

    My favorite bear family! Yaay!!! They look great! Thank you so much for the update.

  • Paula

    oh how exciting! I love this fuzzy little fam.

  • Margaret

    So glad to see that tiny little runt is back too

    • connien

      Me too..I was really concerned…but the little one is BACK!!!!

    • Britta

      I have wondered if the smaller one is actually small for a cub or if it is a female being compared to male siblings. It is exciting that all three made it through the winter.

  • Amanda Thompson

    Fantastic news!!!!!

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    look how tall the cubs are! Thank you for sharing such exciting news with everyone around the Explore camera universe

    • Amanda Thompson

      I know! They aren’t babies anymore.

  • beakie beakie

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    explore .org….

  • Retiredteacher

    This is such good news! Thank you for sharing with all of bear folks!

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    I cant contain myself !!!

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    Their legs are so long now !!!

  • CarolPgh

    Oh so very happy to see all 4 survived the winter. ❤️ this family!!! Can’t wait to see Grazer’s mama bear instincts in action this summer and the antics of the Grazerettes! Hoping they find enough to eat until the salmon arrive!

  • debra turnbull

    I hope Beadnose and her babies are out in the open more this year. She’s one of my favorites to watch fish and she is a good mother.

  • HuskerBear

    Woo Hoo!!! So happy to get this news & icing on the cake to see a photo! Thanks Explore…can BEARLY contain myself!!!!!

  • posting real

    Thank you, Rangers and explore. This is so awesome.

    I am so proud of you, 128 Grazer. What a great momma! I am hoping to see you and your three babies on the cams soon. (pic) from 9/14/16


  • BearNecessities

    Happy Dance!!!!! :)

  • DenverBear

    I’m so excited! Great news! TY Rangers ❤️

  • connien

    I am SO happy!!! Thank you for the news:))))

  • Karen Langley

    It is great to see Grazier, 128. Her cubs are growing and looks healthy. Wonderful. :))

  • mosaic_world

    awww, I’m so glad with this news. they look a little skinny. looking forward to watching them fish. was this the family last year where the babies would sometimes go over the falls?

    • Just Trina

      Yes! And she was hyper-aggressive. Taking on every big male on the river. She is one fierce mama bear. I hope she will still be fierce but relax a little bit this year. I worried about her a little last season. She seemed frantic at times.

      • mosaic_world

        wasn’t it her first litter too? (ugh, my memory is so bad)

        • JeanneB


  • Roselind McKenzie

    awseome news today looking forward to when the cams start .

  • Liz Krenzer

    Love, Love seeing the bears. Can’t wait for the live cams. It’s been a long winter.

  • Angela Parkhouse

    Great to see, love Grazer and family, cant wait for cams to start again.

  • Donna Simi

    Happy Dancing Time! YaY. Thank you @explore.org. We are soooo excited and greedy! We want more !

  • Pansy2

    Great News! Grazer you rock!!

  • kailuagirl

    I’m trying to get super organized. Once the Bears come back I’m hooked.

  • kcpoohbear

    Yay! I’m so ready to see the bears. I’ve missed them.

  • JeanneB

    OMG! I cried. Been praying for this!

  • secretkeeper81

    This is excellent news, I’ve been hoping they would all return as a family! The little one is the cutest!!