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Huggies and her cubs

An Ouwehand Cam Update on Huggies

We know many of you are interested and invested in the future of Huggies and the Ouwehand Zoo cam, and we thank you for being such engaged viewers!


An Update on the Twins of Freedom

It’s a popular topic of conversation to marvel at how fast children grow up, but humans have nothing on polar bears!

Freedom and her twins

Freedom’s Cubs Are Working on Their Independence

It’s been awhile since our last update on Freedom and her cubs, but rest assured that they’re doing really well! For those new to this family, they’re the polar bears that live at the Ouwehand Zoo in Rhenen, Netherlands.

Freedom and her cubs

Cubs of Freedom

One of the cutest families in the world right now may just be Freedom the polar bear and her twin cubs from the Ouwehand Zoo in Rhenen, Netherlands. The cubs were born last November to their 14-year-old mother and got their first taste of the outdoor world just a couple weeks ago. So far, the