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Freedom and her twins

Freedom’s Cubs Are Working on Their Independence

It’s been awhile since our last update on Freedom and her cubs, but rest assured that they’re doing really well! For those new to this family, they’re the polar bears that live at the Ouwehand Zoo in Rhenen, Netherlands.

For the first time, the cubs swam and played in the water for half an hour under the watchful eye of their mother. They really seemed to love the water, which was expected since polar bears are marine mammals. The pair now eats solid foods like meat and fish, though they still nurse regularly, purring loudly as they drink their milk.

The twins’ are steadily playing longer and further away from Freedom, and one cub in particular seems to be taking lots of individual initiative! Though we don’t know for sure yet, we think this one’s a female.

As you may have noticed, the enrichment items often change around, so don’t be alarmed if you see plastic bottles, balls, or crates floating in the water. These are the family’s favorite enrichment items.

We’ll keep you updated on new developments, but in the meantime please enjoy watching the twins continue their journey of discovering how to be polar bears.


You can can watch Freedom’s family on the Ouwehand Park Cam and the Ouwehand Waterfall Cam. The Ouwehand Zoo is part of the Polar Bears International (PBI) network of Arctic Ambassador Centers, which provide leadership for greenhouse gas reductions in their communities.

PBI and Ouwehand Zoo also support the Pole to Pole campaign. This campaign is about the Poles; the wonderfully varied species living there and the threats they face. A campaign focused on EVERYONE and how small changes in our behaviour can help polar species. Join the movement, visit www.poletopolecampaign.org and pull the plug!

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