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Learn About Vampire Bats!

By Ian Ableson, Education Specialist Vampires! Campfire stories and Hollywood alike have provided us with a very striking mental image of what that word should mean. Most people have at least heard of the animal associated with that name as well. But what are Vampire bats really like? Are they as terrifying as the legends would have

Learn About Fruit Bats!

By Ian Ableson, Education Specialist  Fruit-eating bats live all across the warmer parts of the world, especially in the rainforests of South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. They range in size from some truly tiny bats, that weigh less than twenty grams, to the Malayan Flying Fox, the largest species of bat in the world. But even


Photos from the Detroit Renaissance – Volume 2

Once the fastest growing cities in the United States, Detroit is now shrinking rapidly, a third of its residents having abandoned their town. Explore.org founder Charlie Annenberg traveled to the Motor City of famed but former glory and found life and renewal growing from the decayed ghost town. You can watch a short film about

Heidelberg Project

Photos from the Detroit Renaissance – Volume 1

This Thanksgiving, think about the promise of the American Dream, an opportunity for prosperity and success earned through hard work. Detroit was once the fastest growing cities in the United States with a robust economy built in part by the auto industry and those who worked within it. Now Detroit is shrinking rapidly, a third


Come Inside the House That Makes Sense

This art project from Tyree Guyton, Founder of the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, creates art in run down neighborhoods. Come inside and learn more.

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