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Bat Chat Thursday 3/16!

Great news, explorers! We have an upcoming Bat Chat with Organization for Bat Conservation’s Rob Mies! Tune in this Thursday, March 16th, at 10am PST to learn more about bats! Did you know that the flying fox can have a wingspan of up to 4 feet? Learn more fun facts like this during the live chat


CamOp Photo Contest Winners for November

Our Camera Operators have the best seat in the house! With access to amazing live footage around the world, they are able to capture some amazing moments. Here are the photo contest winners for November! First Place: CamOp Bill Bison Calving Camera “Prarie Sunset”   Runner Up: CamOp Melinda African Animals Camera “Up Close”  

bat flying at night

Scientists Discover How Bats Navigate and The Findings May Help Humans

Researchers have been studying how bats navigate their flight and that information may be helpful for understanding other mammals, including humans. According to an article from The Verge, the scientists placed microelectrodes in the bats to monitor brain signals. From the article: