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Photos from the Detroit Renaissance – Volume 2

Once the fastest growing cities in the United States, Detroit is now shrinking rapidly, a third of its residents having abandoned their town. Explore.org founder Charlie Annenberg traveled to the Motor City of famed but former glory and found life and renewal growing from the decayed ghost town. You can watch a short film about

Heidelberg Project

Photos from the Detroit Renaissance – Volume 1

This Thanksgiving, think about the promise of the American Dream, an opportunity for prosperity and success earned through hard work. Detroit was once the fastest growing cities in the United States with a robust economy built in part by the auto industry and those who worked within it. Now Detroit is shrinking rapidly, a third


For Thanksgiving, Watch the short film “Detroit – The Renaissance of America”

Every Thanksgiving, households across America watch a football game being played in Detroit. Detroit is a symbol of Thanksgiving almost as much as it is a symbol of America. Some of the country’s greatest innovators set roots in its fertile ground: Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Henry Ford; and some of the greatest innovations sprouted forth.