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What was once Jonner Steel

Photos from the Detroit Renaissance – Volume 2

Once the fastest growing cities in the United States, Detroit is now shrinking rapidly, a third of its residents having abandoned their town. Explore.org founder Charlie Annenberg traveled to the Motor City of famed but former glory and found life and renewal growing from the decayed ghost town. You can watch a short film about his experience in “Detroit – the Renaissance of America.”

Charlie discovered that in the midst of bombed out houses and the hollow shells of factories, the American dream is slowly gaining ground again, re-birthed through the works of modern innovators like Yusef Shakur, a former gang member who turned his life around and inspires others to do the same. During their stay in Detroit, the film crew got a number of breathtaking and haunting still photos of the seemingly vacant neighborhoods and the life springing forth from within.

Decay in Ferry Park, Detroit

Decay in Ferry Park, Detroit

Whites Records on Ferry Park

White’s Records on Ferry Park

Inside White's Records

Inside White’s Records

Ferry Park is a ghost town.

Ferry Park is a veritable ghost town.

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