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Daily Dose of Love: Lazy Lioness!

Lay on down with Nikita! It’s been a long week, huh? We know, and we feel the same! Sometimes we watch the live cams and go, wouldn’t THAT be nice. This week we caught Lioness Nikita spending her day lounging which has made everyone here at explore.org very jealous. With the cool Florida breeze and a soft patch

Meet Zabu & Cameron!

If you have tuned into the Vacation Rotation cam lately, you have probably noticed an odd couple of cats lurking around the enclosure. Meet Zabu, the white tiger, and Cameron, the lion! We know what you are thinking, how is it that a tiger and a lion are coexisting in the same enclosure? Well, before

Big Cat Facts: Leopards

“According to African legend, the leopard got its spots when it came too close to its friend Fire and got singed. But these markings also give the leopard almost unparalleled camouflage abilities in the sun-dappled shadows of forests and the bush. With their rosette spots and graceful movements, leopards are among the most elegant of

lion caught on camera trap

Mpala Lion Caught on Camera Trap (Video)

The animals at Mpala Research Centre are more easily and naturally studied if they don’t sense the team monitoring them – but how is this accomplished? By deploying a camera trap. A camera trap is a device equipped with a motion sensor-activated camera that captures photos of wild animals without the disturbing presence of researchers.

lion in grass

Big Cat Facts: Lions

Lions are the only social species of cats and seek out, claim and maintain good territories, which commonly consist of a water source, good hiding places for cubs and of course, lots of tasty prey.

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