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lion caught on camera trap

Mpala Lion Caught on Camera Trap (Video)

The animals at Mpala Research Centre are more easily and naturally studied if they don’t sense the team monitoring them – but how is this accomplished? By deploying a camera trap. A camera trap is a device equipped with a motion sensor-activated camera that captures photos of wild animals without the disturbing presence of researchers. The images can keep track of animal populations and study behaviors previously unseen.

This video clip bring us a rare extreme closeup of a female lion. She has been collared by researchers at Mpala as part of a conservation program. Using the collar they are able to keep track of the entire pride and warn local ranchers if the pride moves in their direction. The ranchers can then protect their livestock without killing the lion. This camera trap is located outside the lion den where mom is nursing three cubs. They destroyed this trap shortly after this footage was recorded. Check out the stunning clip below:

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