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Meet Zabu & Cameron!

If you have tuned into the Vacation Rotation cam lately, you have probably noticed an odd couple of cats lurking around the enclosure.

Meet Zabu, the white tiger, and Cameron, the lion!


We know what you are thinking, how is it that a tiger and a lion are coexisting in the same enclosure? Well, before Big Cat Rescued them in 2004, they were raised together by a zoo in order to try and cross breed and create ligers.

Cameron Lion IMG_8990

They grew up knowing only each other and have formed a bond so strong that Big Cat Rescue refused to have them separated. They now live out their days in peace, comfort, and great companionship!

Of the two, Zabu is the more playful and often times nudges Cameron to play!

Zabu Tiger IMG_8937

You can watch more of Zabu and Cameron here! We think they are paws-itively the cutest!