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Nail Painting With A Purpose

A B chick gets marked with nail polish so that it can be differentiated from its older sibling. Photo courtesy of: Kate MacNamee

Project Puffin: News from Eastern Egg Rock

Three of the four Egg Rock crew members prepared for census day 3! Photo courtesy of: Kate MacNamee

The Feisty Laughing Gull

Found spaced across the rocky peaks of Eastern Egg Rock, laughing gulls are a very vocal species whose call is a loud, descending series of laughing notes lasting 3 seconds or more. They also make a short stuttered alarm call when people, predators, or other gulls approach too closely. This can accelerate and intensify into

A Juvenile Herring Gull On Stratton Island Readies For Takeoff

Herring gulls are found nesting on many of the Project Puffin islands off the coast of Maine. Known as an opportunistic feeder, in Maine their numbers have been very successful. They are often seen swarming around the lobster and fishing vessels as they scavenge the old bait and rejected catch that is tossed overboard. Photos

Scary Man

Meet our good friend Scary Man! You might be wondering what on earth a giant inflatable scarecrow is doing in a nature reserve. Scary Man is a large windsock man (like the ones found in front of car dealerships) who is meant to dissuade predators. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service paid for Scary Man,