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Let’s Do The Numbers…

The Blackpoll Warbler, on its 3,500 mile migration, will have flapped its wings about three million times. If burning standard motorcar fuel, its fuel economy would be 720,000 miles per US gallon.

Let’s reframe this: The average American drives 12,000 miles every year, and their driveable years is about age 55. This means the average American drives about 660,000 miles in their lifetime.

If we could emulate how this this tiny speck of nature so efficiently conserves its energy, the average American could burn less than one gallon of gasoline over the course of his/her driving lifetime, which would be enough to fuel five different vehicles.

In summary: birds are amazing! We have so much still to learn- which is why supporting groups such as Project Puffin is so important! Happy Holidays!

Photo Courtesy Of: http://www.tringa.org