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For Polar Bears, More Fat is Better

There have been many sightings of polar bears on the coast near Churchill this summer, including some that were seen from the Beluga Cams. Most bears have seemed fairly healthy so far, which for polar bears means fat.

Whoa! Bad Feather Day Anyone?

Preening and caring for feathers is a crucial part of keeping a bird warm. On a hot day fluffing can also serve as a way to release body heat. This small Sanderling shorebird is in the middle of a mighty shakedown that could be part of its ritual of feather maintenance. Photo Courtesy Of: fat-birds:

The Puzzled Naturalist And The Puffin

The P.N.: Puffin! Puffin! Thou dost go Through wild western gales that blow; Tell me, what discreet decree Prescrib’d thy strange pomposity? Why this fashion, thus to flight— Bill roug’d—dressed in black and white? What, as well, dost thou suppose, Is signified by outsiz’d nose? Puffin, puffin, answer me, Why thy clown’s formality? What attraction,