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Photo by Derrick Z. Jackson

Photo by Derrick Z. Jackson

Puffin Live Chat!

Join us on Thursday, June 29th, at 2pm ET / 11am PT as we host a live chat with Project Puffin Founder and Director Steve Kress! Steve will also be joined by Seal Island researcher Keenan Yakola as they answer your questions about puffins, guillemots, arctic terns and any other seabirds in the area!

So tune in on Thursday and post your questions here!

  • ILB

    The Guillemots have been naughty and adjusted the camera. Would it be possible to tilt the camera back down, the eggs are no longer visible and we may not even see the chicks when they hatch. Thanks! Scott

  • Rebecca Esch

    Hi Keenan & Steve – I am just back from another 2 great weeks working on Seal Island and had 2 questions I wanted to ask.

    First, while I was there we did the tern census and found that were 400 fewer nests than in the past few years. Dr. Kress, do you have any ideas as to why that many terns are missing this year? And what that could mean for the future of the terns on this island?

    My second question is about puffins. I know that puffin chicks are not able to fly when they fledge. Is it know when they are capable of flight?

    Thank you! Rebecca

  • ILB

    Is Stacey on Seal this year? If not, will someone be doing a similar blog about the birds this year?

  • ILB

    Question from DGinMaine: Do you plan on banding “Billie” and the Puffling in #59? Seeing as this is their first chick that we are aware of?