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Great Horned Owl Acrobatics

Our little Owlet is getting strong and testing his/her wings on short flights! Check out this great 1 minute video that Polo7422 captured of a test flight. Things get a bit hairy for a few seconds and require some magnificient acrobatics, but the GHO Owlet figures it out! At 7 weeks owlets are capable of short flights though

Don’t Be Fooled…

Our little owlet is making our community feel all warm and fuzzy on the live cam, but one day s/he will grow into a veritable killer! Did You Know? Great Horned Owls are the only animal that regularly eats skunks! The Great Horned Owl will even hunt raptors including other owls and nestling Ospreys. Crows, in order to

Meet Our Owlet!

While Mr. and Mrs. Hoot’s attempt at a nest this season wasn’t fruitful, the pair is doing well and has been sighted. Thankfully, the Owl Research Institute has set up a Live Owlet Cam on a nearby Great Horned Owl nest where a two-week-old chick is currently being raised! From Jess at the ORI: For those of