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Osprey Interloper!

This female osprey has begun hanging around the Hog Island osprey nest since the weekend.

She has been accompanied by a male osprey, who might in fact be Steveā€¦ What does this mean? Is Steve supporting more than one female? Has Rachel decided to go elsewhere?

On Monday Osprey cam commenters watched as this interloper pair hung around the nest- suddenly a third osprey appeared and attempted to land on the nest- this bird was driven off by the pair.

At the time, we were all under the impression that this third bird was the outsider, but now, who knows? That other bird might in fact have been Rachel trying to reclaim her territory and her mate.

In order to gather more information, we will be relying on all of the Osprey Cam viewers and commenters to help us decipher between the various osprey hanging around the nest. There is much we still do not know. Who are these new osprey? Is the male in fact Steve? Or is this a new pair that has uprooted our familiar family and taken up residence?

Keep watching! We will keep posting new photos for you to compare- or feel free to post your own and let us know!