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Feathers That Don’t Molt

Found in birds such as pigeons and herons, powder down feathers are never molted. Instead, they grow continuously but disintegrate at the tips into something like a fine talcum powder. The powder permeates the other feathers, presumably to provide waterproofing, although the exact function is not well understood. This immature black crowned night heron is

Atlantic Puffling: “The Little Old Man”

This frazzled looking bird reminiscent of a balding elder, is in fact a young juvenile puffin in its awkward phase. In the process of losing its downy cuteness, the last areas to molt are the neck, rump, and flanks. Photo Courtesy of Austin Patton

“What are you doing with my chick?!”

“What are you doing with my chick?!” demands a concerned common tern. Imagine the sounds of thousands of seabirds filling your every waking hour. Would you still smile as wide as Jenny when you were finally able to hold a baby chick? Learn more about Project Puffin and the ways organization is helping seabirds by