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autumn leaves changing color in new hampshire

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The Foliage Cam: Witness the Magic of Autumn

Whether you’ve been anxious for pumpkin spice, miss the change of seasons from your new home or simply love fall – you can watch the Foliage Cam, now in its glory, live here.

The Foliage Cam rests on a Fraxinus Americana (White Ash) tree, which is known for its strength and large size. Once the sunny summer months have ended, the bright green leaves on the white ash tree start to change color. The green leaves turn a subtle yellow during the early fall, when the weather starts to cool down, and eventually the yellow is bold, noticeable and solid. Later in the fall, the white ash trees leaves will change from bold yellow to a bright red. This change takes place over a few weeks depending on weather. After the leaves have turned bright red, they darken over time into a purple. At this point in the fall, the full variety of colors can be seen on the tree. Purple is the darkest and last color the white ash’s leaves turn before they fall to the ground. From the foliage cam you can also see an Acer Rubrum, also know as a red maple tree (when looking at the cam, it is the tree with the smaller leaves). The red maple tree is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees of eastern North America. The red maple is predominately used as a landscaping tree, but it also provides resources for furniture and syrup. The tree is best known for its brilliant deep scarlet foliage in the autumn. In the fall, red maple tree leaves begin their color change with orange and yellow pigments. Later in the fall the leaves turn bright red. The leaves will fall off completely in the winter and the tree’s twigs are glossy-red in the spring. The red maple also produces red flowers and fruit. 

In this time lapse video from the Foliage Cam, watch the months of magic unfold in minutes.

*Are you in a land of changing colors? Share your favorite personal photos from fall – or snapshots from the Foliage Cam with us in the comments! 

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