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From Bold to Cold – Leaf Fall Timelapse

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s quote reflects on seasons’ changes, observing that life is in constant renewal. The bold reds and oranges of autumn instill a passion in people after the heavy dog days of summer.  And sure, it’ll get cold in the winter, but come spring the world blossoms anew. So let’s celebrate the cycle with a meditative but awe-inspiring time-lapse video of leaves changing from vibrant gold to a withered purple. And then down they fall.

These are white ash trees, seen from our Service Dog Cams in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  When the sunny summer months end, the bright green leaves turn a subtle yellow during the early fall, when the weather starts to cool. The cool emboldens the the yellow which shines bright and loud. Later in the fall the white ash trees leaves will change to a crimson, and then darken to a purple. Purple is the darkest and final color of the white ash leave’s spectrum, seen just before the bare branches of winter.

Catch this time lapse video below:

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