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Find Zen Again with Live Sunsets from Santa Monica

Winter is coming. The sun is low in the sky, or obscured entirely behind snowstorms (we’re looking at you Buffalo, NY). The season’s melancholic gloom of grey will paint our feelings for the next few months. The glorious reds, purples, and yellows of sunsets are few and far between – unless you catch these bold colors every night over the Pacific Ocean live from explore.org‘s headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

Hosted by our neighbor on the coast, Hotel Shangri-La, our Santa Monica Sunset Cam presents vivid crimsons and golds to chase away the chilly blues and bring back a sense of peace and wonder. As a recent study concluded, “experiences of awe bring people into the present moment which…makes life feel more satisfying.” So watch the Santa Monica Sunset Cam each night, be restored and get inspired. Come to Santa Monica daily at 4:45 pm Pacific Time. Click a stellar sunset snapshot, send it in to more@explore.org and you could win a prize!

EXPLORE The Complete – Santa Monica Beach Live Camera Experience