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Featured User Snapshots of February

Wow! We had an incredible amount of snapshots taken this month, each one as gorgeous as the next. Below are some of our favorite snapshots from February! Sleepy kitty by ConnieSlotkin Sweet Sea Lion by Starry Bison Sunset by Remington714 Protective Momma by KLTARVIN Full Eclipse on our Bison Cam by HuskerBear   Check out more

CamOp Photo Contest Winners for January!

Our volunteer camera operators always capture the best moments on our live cams! See our January winners below! First Place:  Bald eagle at the Gray Seals platform By CamOp Fawn Runner Ups: Northern Lights Studies Center By CamOp Doug Mpala Watering Hole By CamOp Benn Honorable Mentions: Fruit Bats By CamOp Kwaahu Great Horned Owl at

Wind in His Hair

This short video was captured by explore.org fan, Jusywho. A Bald Eagle on Seal Island enjoyed a windy day on the rocky shore. *Note: It could be “her hair” that wind is flowing through! Both male and female Bald Eagles have the signature white feathers on their heads. See the gray seals in their breeding season,

Bald as an Eagle

This great snapshot from explore.org fan Katharine Green gets up close on a Bald Eagle from the Gray Seal Pupping Cam. Did You Know? The Bald Eagle is not “bald.” Rather, the adult has a gleaming white, feathered head, which contrasts dramatically with its dark brown body and huge yellow bill. A white tail and massive

Eagle Steals Camera, Takes Selfies

An Eagle in Australia flapped its social media muscle as it stole a wildlife camera and took it on a little joy ride. You can see the video here at ABC Australia. Catch more live Bald Eagles on the Gray Seal Pupping Cam, which launches later this month.

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