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CamOp Photo Contest Winners for January!

Our volunteer camera operators always capture the best moments on our live cams! See our January winners below!

First Place: 
Bald eagle at the Gray Seals platform
By CamOp Fawn
FirstPlace_Eagle_Jan_Shoemaker (1)

Runner Ups:
Northern Lights Studies Center
By CamOp Doug
RunnerUp_NLights_Doug_Vaughn (1)

Mpala Watering Hole
By CamOp Benn
RunnerUp_Elephant_Arlene_Beech (1)

Honorable Mentions:
Fruit Bats
By CamOp Kwaahu
HonMention_Fbat_Faith_Elizabeth _Harrison (1)

Great Horned Owl at Charlo Osprey Nest
By CamOp Pan
HonMention_Charlo_GHO_Judy_Yu (1)

Geese at Great Horned Owls
By CamOp Sphisarm
HonMention_BirdSunrise_Smitha_Pishraham (1)