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Deep Thoughts

Ken Kurtis, a diver in the Shark Lagoon at the Aquarium of the Pacific, answers a few of our viewers’ questions: The overall depth of the exhibit is about 8 feet. The divers you see inside are usually cleaning the repli-coral (which gets an algae growth on it because of the sunlight exposure) or moving

Awkward Diving Duck: Barrows Goldeneye

Like the Common Goldeneye, the Barrow’s Goldeneye is not too particular about holding on to its own offspring. A female may lay eggs in the nest of another goldeneye or other species of cavity-nesting duck. Once the ducklings come out of the nest, the broods of different females often come together and are taken care

No Rest For Those That Fly

Unlike other members of the bobby family, Northern Gannets never rest on land away from their breeding colony i.e. gannetry. Found nesting on steep cliffs or offshore islands, these birds choose isolation in order to protect their young from predators. Photo Courtesy Of: anythingavian By Jamie-MacArthur

Between Water And Air

In the same family as the Atlantic Puffin, Common Murres (also the same as thin-billed  murres) could also be seen loafing on the rocks of Seal Island. Common Murres are among the largest of the living Alcidae, and are designed to be comfortable whether navigating the air, or diving underwater.   They have been known