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gray wolf

Gray Wolf Trekked from Northern Rockies to Grand Canyon

A gray wolf has a holiday travel story that trumps every tale of airport woe you’ll hear this weekend. The wolf trekked 450 miles, through the Rocky Mountains and into Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. Live Science reports that, after several sightings of a female wolf, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services checked out the DNA

bald eagle

Thanksgiving Feasts for American Beasts

On Thanksgiving, families across the U.S. will sit down for holiday staples like turkey and stuff, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. In the forests and deserts, though, native wildlife populations will be hunting and gathering far different meals. Check out feasts for bears, deer, wolves and other All-American creatures.

Your Dog Used to Be an Ancient Gray Wolf

New DNA suggests that the first domesticated “dogs” were actually gray wolves tamed by European hunters and gatherers. Read more at NatGeo. See the taming of our wild great danes, who are learning to become life-long partners and service animals. Scarlot’s pups are now 6 weeks old and getting playfully rambunctious! (Photo¬†source)