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polar bear

It’s Day 7 of Polar Bear Week!

How are we celebrating today?

polar bears hug while napping

It’s Day 6 of Polar Bear Week!

Today, you get to take the day off and be inspired! What’s on tap for today?

2 polar bears fighting

It’s Day 5 of Polar Bear Week!

What’s your habitat like? We want you to think about how you maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Could you handle it a few degrees cooler or warmer. We hope so, for polar bears’ sake. What’s going on today?

polar bear walking next to sea kelp

It’s Day 4 of Polar Bear Week!

Do you like saving money? Do you like saving the planet? Today we hope you take the next step in considering your energy consumption. What’s the plan for today?

polar bear cub standing

It’s Day 3 of Polar Bear Week!

Could you drive a little less? Is your vehicle well maintained? Today we hope you will consider those things and more. What’s happening today?

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