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white browed sparrow weaver

Nature’s Beautiful Builders

In the trees across Eastern Africa you might see astonishing, symmetrical, straw nests embedded like Christmas ornaments in the branches. Meet the small wonders that do the building. 

polar bear on ice

Cams at Cape Churchill: An Adventure

A team from Explore.org and Polar Bears International is heading out again to Cape Churchill on the coast of Hudson Bay to finish setting up the live cam at the heart of the polar bear migration. However, Cape Churchill isn’t your average cam set-up; in fact, it could be downright dangerous.

cassandra - polar bear power by the use of people

Using the Power of the People to Advance Polar Bear Science!

Scientists go to school for many years to learn how to design experiments, collect data, analyze information, and summarize results. But did you know that anyone can play a role in advancing polar bear science?

holly the brown bear and her bear cubs

Star of the #BearCam Makes Another Cameo

Our celebrity family, Holly and her biological and adopted cubs, made another appearance on the Brown Bear Live Cam this weekend. Check out the video clip of their latest cameo. 

The Eyes Which Guide the Dive

Osprey have amazing vision. Researches have studied their vision when they fish. Osprey have been measured to be anywhere between 5-40 meters above the water before performing a spectacular dive on their pray below. In some parts of the world, Senegal for example, it’s been noted that Ospreys will circle 100-300 meters above the water.