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Those Teenaged Years Can Be Hard

While Puffins often steal the show on the Project Puffin Live Cams, the Terns and Black Guillemots have their day as well. Here, a juvenile Tern hangs out on the Puffin Loafing Ledge. “As the [Tern] chicks grow, they get more and more feathers and start to look like their parents. It takes about four weeks for them

Five Best Puffin Cam Photos of the Week

Check out the five best Puffin Live Cam photos from our viewers’ snapshots this week! Black Guillemot Chicks, from Cam Op on Explore Community Puffin Patterns, from Samantha Eye Precious Puffin Pal, from riverrock :0) Better Duck!, from Deputy Dawg Start of a Brand New Day, from zpdoda Another amazing job – Thank you! Did you know we now have not

The Beautiful Black Guillemot

With their markings, Black Guillemots are one of the more beautiful supporting characters on the Puffin Loafing Ledge Live Cam from Seal Island, Maine. But these markings, like fashion couture, change with the seasons. Black Guillemots are all black with white wing patches in summer, and mostly white with dusky back in winter! So much for no

July 27th, International Guillemot Appreciation Day

International Guillemot Appreciation Day was founded by a small group of seabird biologists on Matinicus Rock, Maine.  Project Puffin is focused on Puffins, of course, and they are easily adored by everyone for their cute looks and engaging demeanor.  All the seabirds on the island seemed to have focused studies of one type or another,

The Black Guillemot

Last week, we told you all about Guillemot Appreciation Day and how our Seal team celebrated it. But what exactly is a guillemot, you ask? In the same family as puffins, the Black Guillemot is a medium-sized alcid which breeds along the coasts of Canada and Greenland. During the summer, its black plumage with white wing