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July 27th, International Guillemot Appreciation Day

International Guillemot Appreciation Day was founded by a small group of seabird biologists on Matinicus Rock, Maine.  Project Puffin is focused on Puffins, of course, and they are easily adored by everyone for their cute looks and engaging demeanor.  All the seabirds on the island seemed to have focused studies of one type or another, except for the Guillemot!  This mysterious little bird, with a changeable black/green plumage seemed to appear and disappear on the rocks in an almost magical way.  It was decided that at least one day of the year would be devoted to studying, celebrating, and appreciating the Black Guillemot – first on Maine Islands, and now around the world.  The Black Guillemot is a circumpolar species, and of the alcids we have in Maine (Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill, Common Murre, and Black Guillemot) it is the rarest on a world-wide basis.

On this 23rd annual celebration of IGAD, we invite you to join us in poetry, song, food, and all artistic pursuits in honor of this special bird!  Wear your black, your white, and especially your red shoes.
Text Provided by:
Susan Schubel
Photo Courtesy of:
Janine ParzialeKen Kaufman with a guillemot hat and his wife Kim.