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Snowy Owl AKA Arctic Ghost

Snowy Owl AKA Arctic Ghost

Happy Halloween!: Are You Afraid of the Arctic Ghost?!

Deep in the frozen landscape of the Arctic tundra lives a rarely spotted, winged phantom with deadly talons. They only weigh 5 lbs and are less than 2 feet tall, but there’s a whole lot to fear if you’re a rodent!

The Snowy Owl is also called the “Arctic Ghost” for its wintery looks and rare sightings. It’s deadly to its main prey, lemmings, voles and other rodents, but it’s been known to eat birds, rabbits and other small mammals too.

When our Snowy Owl Live Cam launched this last July in partnership with the Owl Research Institute we gathered 24 hours of recorded footage during its short nesting and chick rearing season to use for research… thanks in large part to our viewers, AKA Citizen Scientists.

We look forward to seeing the “ghosts” again next season, but for now we’ll let other Arctic species entertain and teach us. When you’re done trick or treating, join us on the Polar Bear Live Cam, now live daily, and for a special Live Chat tomorrow – Saturday, November 1st – at 12pm ET / 9am PT on Polar Bear TV as host Alysa McCall teaches us about the innovative technologies being used to monitor and research polar bears and why the information being gathered is critical for their future.

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