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Great Dogs in Costume from Happy Dogs!

Share Your Pet Costumes with Us!

A patient great dane dressed to look like his owner in plaid? An adorable poodle as Frankenstein? We know it must have just been Halloween and we want to see your photos!

polar bear and seal

Making Sure Churchill Isn’t Scary This Halloween

Kids in Churchill have more than goblins and ghosts to contend with on Halloween, they also have to be aware of polar bears in their neighborhood! Luckily, they don’t have anything to be afraid of because Manitoba Conservation and the Polar Bear Patrol will be helping make sure everyone can Trick-or-Treat safely. Halloween is a

Snowy Owl AKA Arctic Ghost

Happy Halloween!: Are You Afraid of the Arctic Ghost?!

Deep in the frozen landscape of the Arctic tundra lives a rarely spotted, winged phantom with deadly talons. They only weigh 5 lbs and are less than 2 feet tall, but there’s a whole lot to fear if you’re a rodent!

Cole Trick-or-Treated for the Pandas

Our Panda Protectors are an amazing group of kids with brilliant and innovative ideas to help the pandas. Cole, who is 11 years old, decided to dress up as a Panda Aid Worker for Halloween last October.  Through social media, his parents contacted all of the neighbors and told them that he would not only

Happy Halloween!

From all of us at explore.org – and from our Dog Bless You team of service dogs. Meet the whole family at ECAD, Service Dog Project and WCC. Like us and see more photos on Facebook.

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