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Avalanche Dogs are the Ultimate Hope of Rescue

Tragically this week, avalanches have killed scores of people in mountainous northeastern Afghanistan over a three-day period. At least 168 people have died. Many more are missing, and dozens of houses have been destroyed by the massive rushes of snow. In remote areas of the Panjshir province, rescue is difficult and residents have been trying

Pearl: The Search & Rescue Dog Who Traveled The US

  (Above: Ski patrol dog in Jackson Hole. Click here to learn more about dog search and rescue around the country.) A little enthusiasm can take you far—in the case of Pearl the black lab, all the way from a California pound to Haiti. At the animal shelter, a group that trains seeing-eye dogs saw

Dogma Thursday

Dogma Thursday Often rescued dogs, these dogs become rescuers. Canine avalanche dogs are part of an elite team, but they are the only ones using their scent to find missing persons who have fallen under frozen water or snow coverage. In addition to tracking (following a trail), dogs in these type of disasters use their