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ozzy osbourne

Newly Discovered Frog Species Named After Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has earned a lot of accolades since he hit the scene with Black Sabbath decades ago. Now, the heavy metal legend has inspired the name of a newly discovered animal.

Somersaulting Spider Discovered

From our partners at Discovery: A newly discovered spider has just entered the animal record books by becoming the only known somersaulting spider. The new species, Cebrennus rechenbergi, is described in the latest issue of the journal Zootaxa. It’s a nocturnal spider that lives in the Erg Chebbi desert of southeastern Morocco. The spider can move

New Gecko Species Discovered!

National Geographic’s “exploration of a ‘lost world’ on a remote Australian peninsula has yielded the discovery of three new species, including a leaf-tailed gecko with spindly legs and unusually big eyes.” See the full story and photos here at Nat Geo and explore the world of the rain forests!