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hippo family

Top 5 African Animal Photos Of The Week

There are so many beautiful animals to spy on when you take a look at the African animal cameras. If you ever have had the urge to go on an animal safaris, check out our live cameras and satisfy that itch. Here are five of the best photos of the week.

giraffe looking at camera

Top 5 Giraffe Photos Of The Week

Giraffes are graceful and beautiful, as they move on their long legs and reach their tall necks to eat the highest leaves. Have a look on the live cams and see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. Here are five of the best giraffe photos for the week.

A family of elephants having fun sliding down the hill!

Top 5 African Animal Lookout Photos Of The Week

This week on the African Animal Lookout Cam we were able to capture many different animals. We have seen hippos, cattle, monkeys, deer, birds, elephants and giraffes. Have you been able to spot zebras? Take a look and see if you are able to capture some zebra images! None were spotted this week. African Animal

hippos vocalizing

Top 5 Hippo Photos Of The Week

Wow, there were so many fantastic photos of hippos this week. You guys have been busy capturing photos on the live cam, and you have caught some great ones! Here are five of the best photos of hippos this week! African Animal Lookout Live Camera

Top 5 African Animal Photos Of The Week

Hippos, giraffes and elephants…oh my! Take a look at the fives best photos of the week taken from the African Animal Camera.

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