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All About Bugs!

Join Mpala’s Kids Corner for a special reading and live chat with the bug doctor! Entomologist Dr. Dino Martins, our Executive Director, will tell tales of these amazing creatures on World Environment Day, June 5, 10 am ET/ 5 pm EAT, and read from his children’s book: You Can Be an Entomologist: Investigating Insects.

Insects have been called ‘the little creatures that run the world’. They are an important part of human life and livelihoods, even when we don’t notice them.

Did you know:
*One in three bites of food is thanks to a pollinator, and most pollinators are wild insects.
*Without insects, there would be no coffee or chocolate available!

Children of all ages will enjoy a chance to learn how real scientists observe insects, capture them to study up close, and release them back into the wild. Register here to participate: https://princeton.zoom.us/w…

We’ll post a video post-event.

And you can catch up on our last live event from May 14.

Watch this discussion of exciting new research published in Nature Sustainability on how elephants can reverse soil depletion caused by cattle. Panelists discuss the implication of these critical findings for sustainability and also touch on their approach to working in a multinational team and unique aspects of working at Mpala following two decades of research.

Panelists include:

*Dr. Duncan Kimuyu, Mpala-Smithsonian Fellow, Department of Natural Resources, Karatina University, Kenya
*Dr. Judith Sitters, Ecology and Biodiversity, Department Biology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
*Professor Truman P. Young, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, USA
*(moderator) Dr. Dino J. Martins, Executive Director, Mpala Research Centre, Kenya


photo by V. May