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Animal Cams are Better than TV

Explore’s live cams bring real drama when you’ve had enough of scripted theatrics from the idiot box. Buzzfeed just featured five of our very own. Here’s what they said.

Kitten Rescue Cam:

What you need to know: Kitten Rescue is based in Los Angeles, CA and can shelter up to 150 kitties at a time.

Why you’ll never look away: What’s better than watching kittens snuggle with each other and get into mischief? But be careful; if you leave the Kitten Rescue cam on too long you might die of cuteness overload.

Katmai National Park Bear Cams

What you need to know: These brown bears reside in Katmai National Park in Alaska and can be seen playing in the Brooks River.

Why you’ll never look away: They look so soft and snuggly… until you see them chomping on salmon guts.

Mpala Research Centre Watering Hole Cam:

What you need to know: You can spot a variety of wildlife at this watering hole, located at the Mpala Research Centre and Wildlife Foundation in Kenya.

Why you’ll never look away: There’s nothing more pleasant than watching elephants and hippos enjoying a beach day. Try not to get too jealous.

The Bella Hummingbird Nest Cam:

What you need to know: This cam follows Bella, an Allen’s hummingbird who’s been building her nests in a ficus tree in La Verne, CA for the last 10 years.

Why you’ll never look away: Now you can watch the miracle of life in bird form! Will you be there when Bella’s eggs hatch?

Warrior Canine Connection Puppy Enrichment Center:

What you need to know: The Warrior Canine Connection in Brookeville, MD trains their puppies to help wounded veterans through canine connection therapy.

Why you’ll never look away: These puppies can definitely help you fill your adorable quota for the day.

Basically, you’ll never do anything productive again.

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