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Bones Don’t Lie: Evidence of a Bear’s Perseverance Through Trauma

On July 1, 2014, bear 130 Tundra was found dead near Brooks River. Since this bear was well known by rangers and the public, her skull was collected and cleaned so it could be used for educational and interpretive programs. As it turns out, Tundra’s skull reveals a biography of trauma she apparently suffered through

polar bear on back yawning

Caption This Contest (New for 11/10/14)

We’re live, we’re furry and we’re often pretty funny. The Polar Bear Cams have launched and are well underway with multiple live chats. But while the humans do all the talking, we want to know – what’s this bear say to you? 

Live Chat: Polar Bears – For One, For All

Polar Bears International’s driving goal to protect Polar Bears focuses attention on the urgent challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic and the part each of us can play in stopping climate change. But why do we talk about conserving polar bears so much when there are other species closer to extinction?

polar bear in the snow

Top 5 Polar Bear Photos Of The Week

The Tundra Buggy Cam is back up and running and the images its captures are simply stunning. Here is a small sample of a few of our favorite from the week. Check out the live cam yourself to see the polar bears in their natural habitat.

Iceberg in the Davis Strait

Explore the Best of the Arctic

If you are enjoying the launch of our Polar Bear Live Cams, check out our Arctic Photography Album and explore the best of the icy north through photographs.

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