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SDP’s Musicians Are In Training!

The Musicians have begun training! At around 8 weeks, they have begun to learn how to follow a person who is tapping a food can! Training starts early for these pups as they learn to eat from a spoon and understand how to patiently wait and listen to cues. For the next 4 months, their

Chat live with Warrior Canine Connection’s Molly Morelli

Join the pups of Warrior Canine Connection and WCC’s Director of Dog Programs this Thursday, April 23rd as they train on the Puppy Enrichment Center Cam! From 5pm-8pm ET, Molly will be on hand to chat with you live from the comments section under the player.

Watch the Puppy Arena Live Every Morning

Every morning at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET, enter the Service Dog Project Puppy Training Arena and go behind the scenes on what makes these Great Danes so great. 

Freedom's Puppies at Bergin University

Live Puppy Trainings… All. Week. Long.

Bergin University of Canine Studies will be holding Live Puppy Training sessions all next week (with sound) from 11 AM – Noon Pacific Time (2 PM – 3 PM Eastern Time). 

orca walk with great dane puppies

Caption This Contest Winners (from 10/6/14)

The Orcas (great dane puppies from the Service Dog Live Cam) went on parade and you provided the captions! Here are the Caption This Contest Winners from last week:

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