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Mama Maya’s Puppies Due in November

East Coast Assistance Dogs’ (ECAD) “Mama Maya” is very pregnant and due to have puppies in early November. And when we say “puppies” we mean “puppiesssssss.”

Freedom's Puppies at Bergin University

Live Puppy Trainings… All. Week. Long.

Bergin University of Canine Studies will be holding Live Puppy Training sessions all next week (with sound) from 11 AM – Noon Pacific Time (2 PM – 3 PM Eastern Time). 

Puppy Pile at Warrior Canine Connection

All You Need Is (Puppy) Love

(Photo above: Puppy Pile at Warrior Canine Connection) Go on. No one is looking. Get your puppy fix right here. 

Fan Shots of Live Cams: Bergin University

Irai’s puppies are growing strong and playful. Thanks to explore.org fan mosaic_world for this snapshot from the Bergin University Live Cam. Did You Know?: Pups become conscious of each other and their environment at somewhere between 3.5 to 4 weeks. This is called the “caterpillar to the beautiful stage.” Today at 11 am Pacific Time you can

The Next Generation Of Heroes

Future search and rescue heroes at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

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