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orca walk with great dane puppies

Caption This!

Caption This Contest Winners (from 10/6/14)

The Orcas (great dane puppies from the Service Dog Live Cam) went on parade and you provided the captions! Here are the Caption This Contest Winners from last week:

  • Sandy in NC: When Megan realizes this is the last can of dog food AND it’s almost empty, everyone makes a mad dash for Costco!
  • puppynana: You guys go ahead. The best smells are at the back of the pack!
  • tresbonbon: Wait up guys, Megan dropped some of her Ben and Jerry’s.
  • Tina Birks uk: Hey don’t run so fast miss Megan it’s only a teeny spider, honest.
  • Sandra: We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of paws!!!


  • Beth: Come on Orcas, the lady has a spoon!
  • Dee Arotin: Hi Ho HI Ho It’s off to work we go
  • sassybelle05: Gasp! Cough! Anytime you kids get tired, just let us know, (Gasp!) and we’ll stop! Gasp! Really, any time! Whew! Cough! Gasp!
  • talkeetna7: Next is Zoomba with the chickens..
  • Jan Worrall : “Wait for us Auntie Megan, we’ve only got little legs!”

See all of the submissions here and stay tuned for more chances to comment and win!

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