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Freedom's Puppies at Bergin University

Freedom's Puppies at Bergin University

Live Puppy Trainings… All. Week. Long.

Bergin University of Canine Studies will be holding Live Puppy Training sessions all next week (with sound) from 11 AM – Noon Pacific Time (2 PM – 3 PM Eastern Time). 

Freedom’s seven puppies were born in August. Now about 2.5 months old, they are ready for training at the only accredited university in the U.S. that certifies service dog trainers. Bergin develops therapeutic programs for veterans, at-risk youth, and prisoners, and service dogs from the school are matched with clients with physical disabilities and veterans with combat-related issues.

Back in August, Bergin U. wrote:

Freedom and her pups are guests at Bergin University. They are on loan from Bergin Graduate, Cindy Abels. These pups will be going to different service dog organizations throughout the United States when they are done training at the University. Thank you to Cindy for allowing us the privilege of caring for these amazing future service dogs and for providing seven pups for our students to train.

In early September, the pups began visiting with Veterans at the Palo Alto VA on Fridays. They were old enough to travel with their mom and become part of Bergin’s therapeutic program, making a positive change in the lives of our Veterans.

Starting next week, Monday through Thursday join us, Bergin and two different Bachelor of Science groups (one advanced – second year, and one beginning – first year) for the Live Puppy Training sessions on the Live Cam here.

Learn more about Bergin here and Dog Bless You!

The Bergin University Service Dog Live Camera is currently off-air on Friday’s due to those adorable little puppies visiting with veterans in Palo Alto.